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Delmarva Pharmacy is a one-stop shop for all of your medication and medical supply needs. We stock a wide variety of OTC medications and supplies like the following:

Full cough & cold relief center
Skin, eyes, and ear care
Feminine and baby care
Wound treatment & bug bites
Diabetic & durable medical supplies
Energy products
Vitamins and body-building supplies
Cards & snacks

Whatever you need, Delmarva has it—
or we can order it!
Have you tried FlavorX?
Delmarva Pharmacy has you covered!

Some medicines taste downright terrible. Many people have trouble taking their medication because of its yucky taste. As a result, they do not get the treatment they need to get better. FLAVORx has the solution. We've developed appealing flavors that pharmacists can safely add to liquid medicines to make them go down easier, so people of all ages-- from infants to the elderly-- can take the medicine they need to live happier, healthy lives.

To date, pharmacists have flavored over 40 million prescriptions flavored safely and effectively with FLAVORx. This has helped lessen the discomfort that sick people experience. Who wouldn't have a smile on their face working with us?

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