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Krista Eisemann, PharmD,
Was born in Denver, CO, but has lived in the Salisbury area since 1983. Graduated from University of Maryland Eastern Shore with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. She then went on to graduate from University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Pharmacy where she graduated with a Doctorate of Pharmacy in 2003.

Shawn Eisemann, PharmD
Was born in Baltimore, MD, but has lived in  
Salisbury since 1979. Attended University of Maryland Eastern Shore where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. He graduated from the University of Maryland at Baltimore School of Pharmacy in 2003 with a Doctorate of Pharmacy.

Laurie Baxter, RPh
Susan Smith-Walls, RPh
Sandra Moore, CPhT
Megan Whaley, CPhT
Terrell Waters, CPhT
Josh Johnson, CPhT
Mariah Johnston, CPhT
Kennedy Thornes, CPhT
Richard Barnes, Delivery
Richard Morris, Delivery

Medication Management Program
This is a program where the pharmacy helps patients become more aware and involved in the medications that they take on a day to day basis. With this program, Delmarva  
Pharmacy will organize all of your medications, check for any potential drug interactions, and most importantly - eliminate the need for the zip lock bag filled with pill bottles.


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